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The Maya Earth Trilogy

Margaret Evans's highly acclaimed debut trilogy


The Sixth World
Book One of The Maya Earth Trilogy.

Claudio was thinking about the relentless progression of time. And events. Prophecies. Into all this the innocents would fall, and he offered a silent prayer they would be guided. For the safety of life on earth, he trusted he had done enough.

Watch the Maya secrets and prophecies unfold in this contemporary fictional hot-seller hailed as an "expertly written, flawlessly plotted mystery thriller" by Ibbetson Street Review. Roundtable Reviews raved: "The Sixth World draws the reader in from the start and never lets go."

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The Sixth World & Trial In Jade - Trade Paperbacks:

Trial in Jade: The Mayan Return
Book Two of The Maya Earth Trilogy

“They have taken my little Umoxtl! I cannot lose you, too,” Marxan cried.
“We will all die if I do not face them,” Xarantu muttered. “There will be no Sixth World.”

What mysterious codes are in the ancient Mayan manuscript archaeologist Amy Parrish receives and what connection do they have with Xarantu’s future as Prince of the Maya in the Sixth world? Xarantu’s bloodline claim to the throne is challenged by another Quitzé Lord, bitter over his family’s banishment from royal privilege centuries ago. Watch the Mayan prophecies continue to unfold as Marxan’s young heir to the new kingdom is kidnapped, and Parrish’s role as Bringer of the Sixth World lands her in the midst of an intense power struggle on the brink of worldwide change…or chaos.

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The Sixth World & Trial In Jade - Trade Paperbacks:



Kingdom Come: The Mayan Answer
Book Three of The Maya Earth Trilogy
(Coming in 2011!)

A boy meets a king . . .
Two women face their destinies . . .
The Maya build their new age . . .

Don't miss the breathtaking conclusion of this exciting mystery thriller series! You will never look at the world with the same eyes again.

Learn more about the amazing Maya culture -- past and present!
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The Sophie Hammond Corporate Mystery Series

She was a stay-at-home mom; she had a perfect life, a loving husband, three grown children. She was looking forward to the pleasant days ahead with her husband.
Then one day it all changed . . .


Out of the Equation
(The Sophie Hammond Corporate Mystery Series coming soon!)

Did Sophie Hammond's husband really die accidentally...or was it murder? Vice President Eric Hammond disappears from a corporate Caribbean cruise. His body is never found, and Sophie is left with no insurance or retirement money. She gets a job at her husband's former employer, Ballient Corporation, where she discovers the corporate world is not so different from Girl Scouts and bake sales, where gossip and secrets abound.

Follow Sophie as she sweeps the corporate dust from her relentless path to find out what really happened to her husband...and who wanted him Out of the Equation.

Mystery Thriller Novels and Novellas

Hostages To Murder
(Moonlight Mystery Press, A Six-Novella Collection, October 2006)

Includes the Novellas:
The Tao of Murder
A Canvas of Deceit
The Secret of Kenning Hall
Code of Treachery
The Curse of the Mandreill Dagger
Hostages to Murder


The Tao of Murder
(Moonlight Mystery Press, September 2005)

"In our world of no friends, Freddie," Alex said, "you are a man I would want to call 'friend'."
"Am I?" Freddie responded, thinking he would not call this man a friend under any circumstances.

Freddie Prszynski is an FBI Special Agent from Vermont with an unpronounceable Polish name, who volunteers for a short diplomatic mission overseas. But something goes terribly wrong when a scientist dies, and Freddie ends up in a Chinese prison. Follow Prszynski as he unravels the truth with the help of his wife, a journal, and St. Jude. Hailed as a "well told tale" by Anne K. Edwards, The Tao of Murder is a fast-paced mystery/thriller novella with more than one surprise at the end!

A Canvas of Deceit
(Moonlight Mystery Press, April 2006)

“Give it up!” Emma cried, dodging a bullet that whizzed past her ear. “It will go easier on you if you do!”
“Why should I?” O’Halloran asked, incredulous. Then he winked at her.

“I buy art,” the charming Michael O’Halloran told Emma Bishop at her art studio in Carmel, California. But was that all he did, Emma wondered when some of her priceless works went missing and Michael disappeared. When two government agents come looking for him, Bishop travels to Budapest to find O’Halloran to see if he has stolen more than her heart. A Canvas of Deceit is a fast-paced tale of grand theft and deception.

The Secret of Kenning Hall
(Moonlight Mystery Press, December 2005)

The crash of thunder and muffled voices shook her thoughts back to the present and the dire circumstances of her situation. The huge rambling manor house ached beneath the fury of the storm as Sarah ran down the stairs, hoping the thunderous noise would mute her footsteps, determined to claw her way out of this house if need be.

Sarah Kenning travels to Scotland, determined to find her missing brother and solve the mystery of her parents’ double murder. But she finds herself caught in a web of danger and intrigue when she meets a mysterious cousin obsessed with the family name. Soon she discovers more about her family history than she imagined and must battle for her life against the breathtaking backdrop of Scotland. An entertaining tale of greed and treachery sure to delight any mystery fan!

Code of Treachery
(Moonlight Mystery Press, October 2006)

Allyse's eyes grew large as she cracked the secret code. The implications were huge.
But it was too late, and arms gripped her from behind and slapped a gag over her mouth.

Allyse Berringer is recruited by the U.S. Embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan, to help crack the tough secret codes the terrorists are using to plot their next major attack. Top embassy aides, Thomas Gabriel and American-born Iranian, Aref Hamid, work with her to gather intelligence and break the codes. But an attack on Allyse's convoy from the American base at Bagram sends her scurrying on foot through the streets of Kabul where she makes a shocking discovery that someone will kill to protect. Code of Treachery is an exciting tale of secret codes and spies, with more than one surprise at the end.

The Curse of the Mandreill Dagger
(Moonlight Mystery Press, January 2006)

“We’ve taken Sir Ralph upstairs and put him in the guest wing. Duneyl has sent the groom for the doctor.”
“I think he’s dead,” said Sir Arthur, looking at the knife sticking out of his guest's back.

Little did Katherine Bennett guess that a nasty childhood prank and scary midnight tale had something in common with the thefts, food-poisonings, and other bad fortune afflicting her friend Adrian Wellingsley and his family. When the bad things start happening to her as well, and the ante is upped to murder, she applies Aristotle’s logic to discover who or what is behind these events and makes a surprising discovery that will change everyone’s lives. Set in rural England in 1899, The Curse of the Mandreill Dagger is a powerful tale of jealousy and greed to satisfy any mystery lover.

Hostages to Murder
(Moonlight Mystery Press, October 2006)

Beth's eyes begged him not to leave her.
“I'll be back,” Damien whispered, his heart in his throat as he watched her standing on the docks and steered the boat into the crystal waters away from her...

Jack Damien, a S.W.A.T. team captain, thinks his job is over when he takes live grenades from the hands of hostage Beth Harrow. Little does he realize that her identical twin Macy has entangled them both in her mob connections, and they are sucked into a web of evil in the romantic Caribbean Islands. Hostages to Murder is a fast race through danger that will keep you guessing and hoping!

The Lethal Limit
(Coming soon!)

They woke her in the middle of the night. The long-promised day had come, the day she had convinced herself would never arrive.

Ex-Navy SEAL Steven Walker, working in WitSec, is assigned to relocate witness Angela Morrissey, a lady with hidden talents. When a secret buried deep in his past resurfaces to haunt him, he must face the threat and his past, unmask a traitor in his witness protection unit and save the witness.


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