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Laura Keene Cozy Mysteries - Vol. 1

Spin-off from
Second Treasures Mysteries


In time for the holidays! Empress Isabella meets the Kovacs brothers! MORE in the Blog Below!


Release Date December 15, 2023

Release Date December 24, 2023

Release Date December 31, 2023

Marble Surface

New Series!
Laura Keene Cozy Mysteries!


Coming soon in 2024!
Who doesn't love a good GHOST STORY with a HIDDEN TREASURE?!


Second Treasures Mysteries

2ndTreasuresJacketVol1-PROMO 9-14-14.jpg

  Laura Keene returns to her hometown in Minnesota to dig into the past and the mystery of her parents’ deaths. But secrets buried in the goods of her thrift shop entangle her in danger, and only an old friend and a mysterious cat can help her in Twice Sold Murder.


  Laura digs into the history of a beautiful hand-made quilt and discovers it may have been an instrument of death in the past. What she uncovers puts lives in danger, and she is faced with how far the killer is willing to go to keep a perfect crime secret in Priced to Kill.

DDR Cover Graphic 05-19-19.png

  The evidence hangs on golden threads found in a suit in Laura Keene’s thrift shop. During the town’s annual St. Patrick’s Day parade, a terrible discovery is made, bringing a treacherous tale of jealousy and greed to light in Hanging By a Thread.

2ndTreasuresJacketVol-#4 - 05-19-19.png
2ndTreasuresJacketcover for mktg.png

  When is a prom not a prom? When it's a staging for murder! Laura investigates several perilous cold cases of missing prom queens when a beautiful dress shows up in her thrift shop. She soon discovers that it was once either someone’s dream or despair in A Dress to Die For.

A box of old books in Laura's thrift shop draws her to a ghostly, boarded-up library, to research the tale of a young girl who disappeared decades ago. She is determined to find out what happened to the child and her connection to Laura's murdered parents in Deadly Cost of Goods.

  Laura's worst nightmares are just beginning. Fate turns on her as she rips apart a far bigger conspiracy during her relentless search for her parents’ killers. She kicks it into high gear in a desperate attempt not to become the latest victim in All Sales Final.

Empress Isabella Holiday Novellas:

Prequels to Laura Keene Cozy Mysteries


   Something is amiss in the Halloween Haunted Woods in Raging Ford, Minnesota, this year. Laura Keene and her friends handed the reins over to several eighth-graders to run, but, oh my! What is going on??

   Bags of Halloween treats are vanishing in the darkness, some floating up into the air. Hisses and soft whiskers are tickling the noses of some of the kids, but there's no one there! 

   Keene and her fiancé, Sgt. Connor Fitzpatrick, dig into what's happening and shoo away some stray bats, suspecting dark forces may be responsible, but who... or behind it all?

New mini-mystery Prequel #1 to The Laura Keene Cozy Mysteries


  What on earth is hap-pening in Raging Ford, Minnesota, this Thanks-giving? 

 Laura and Connor are trying to finalize their wedding plans, but when Isabella dips her paw into those plans, anything can happen.

      Including murder when a Turkey Circus comes to town.

 Instead of roasting turkeys, mashing potatoes, or baking pumpkin pies, the townsfolk end up... doing what? Certainly getting a little distracted!

  Watch out for the flock (or rafter) of wild turkeys running through the town!

New mini-mystery Prequel #2 to The Laura Keene Cozy Mysteries


Holiday and wedding plans spin everyone’s heads as Laura and Connor set their wedding date and finalize their vows and first dance. Isabella tries to keep everything going as planned, but unexpected reindeer issues and a dead body at the Christmas tree farm threaten to cancel the wedding! Can Isabella work her magic to pull everything back together in time?





New mini-mystery Prequel #3 and

INTRODUCTION to the Laura Keene Cozy Mysteries 


A secret past resurfaces when Steven Walker, U.S. Marshal and former Navy S.E.A.L., is assigned to relocate Angela Morrissey, a potential witness against a ruthless crime syndicate. The pair is dragged into a hailstorm as they try to escape the mob’s wrath, but the real disaster happens when Walker’s past and present collide on a boat in the North Atlantic in The Lethal Limit.

Six Cozy Mystery/Thriller Novellas!
"Best beach reading!"
"My favorite is 'A Canvas of Deceit!'"


  “I buy art,” the charming Michael O’Halloran told Emma Bishop at her art studio in Carmel, California. But was that all he did, Emma wondered, when some of her priceless works went missing and Michael disappeared. Bishop travels to Budapest to find O’Halloran and see if he has stolen more than her heart. A fast-paced tale of grand theft and deception.

New cozy mini-mystery NOW AVAILABLE in Amazon Kindle only.

  Allyse Berringer works with top embassy aides Thomas Gabriel and American-born Iranian Aref Hamid at the U.S. Embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan, on secret codes and terrorist communications. But an attack on Allyse’s convoy from the American base at Bagram sends her scurrying on foot through the streets of Kabul where she makes a shocking discovery that someone will kill to protect.

New cozy mini-mystery thriller NOW AVAILABLE in Amazon Kindle only.

  Jack Damien, a S.W.A.T. team captain, thinks his job is over when he takes live grenades from the hands of hostage Beth Harrow. Little does he realize that her twin Macy has entangled them in her mob connections, and they are dragged into a vortex of evil in the romantic Caribbean Islands in Hostages to Murder

New cozy mini-mystery thriller  NOW AVAILABLE in Amazon Kindle only.


  Little did Katherine Bennett guess that a nasty childhood prank she suffered was connected with recent attacks on her friend Adrian Wellingsley and his family. When the ante is upped to murder, she applies Aristotle’s logic to the mystery and makes a horrible discovery that jolts everyone’s lives. Set in rural England in 1899, The Curse of the Mandreill Dagger is a powerful tale of greed.

New cozy mini-mystery thriller  NOW AVAILABLE in Amazon Kindle only.

  Virginian Sarah Kenning travels to Scotland to find her missing brother on his mission to follow clues and solve recent family murders. No one has seen him since, however, and when Sarah meets a welcoming cousin and a wealthy sheep ranch owner, she is caught in a web of danger and intrigue against the breathtaking backdrop of Scotland. An early twentieth-century tale of treachery sure to delight any mystery fan.

New cozy mini-mystery thriller  NOW AVAILABLE in Amazon Kindle only.

   Freddie Prszynski is an FBI Special Agent from Vermont who volunteers for a short diplomatic mission in the Far East. But something goes terribly wrong when a scientist dies, and Freddie ends up in a Chinese prison. Follow Prszynski as he unravels the truth, bit by bit, and discovers a betrayal with the help of his wife, a journal, and St. Jude in The Tao of Murder.

New mini-mystery thriller NOW AVAILABLE in Amazon Kindle only.


Two anthropologists lead an expedition into California's Central Valley to explore the unimaginable possibility of finding the Maya that all but vanished in the ninth century. They discover ancient hiero-glyphics that tell of the approaching end of the Fifth World, vast treasures and fantastic technology, hidden for centuries in preparation for the new age. As the fateful time draws near, Amy Parrish and Joe Magee must stop an international plot to destroy the Maya and the earth itself, in The Sixth World.

  Pieces of rare, polished jade from Guatemala keep finding Amy Parrish. In the mail. Passed by strangers. All left in secret but intended to unlock one. Parrish soon discovers that the pieces are the key to an ancient manuscript that tells of two Mayan bloodlines competing to lead in the Sixth World. Lord Xarantu must fight Umoxtl in a horrid battle that tips the world onto the brink of darkness and chaos in Trial in Jade: The Mayan Return.

  The Maya build their new age, but a terrible accident happens and global greed for power in a world of change threatens to tear the throne from the Mayan people. Marxan faces the ultimate sacrifice, and Amy Parrish deciphers the riddle in an ancient Mayan text to save the earth. During the final hours of the Mayan calendar, the Lord Panhuaja, from the banished tribe, seeks to find...the answer, in Kingdom Come: The Mayan Answer.




Three new cozy mystery series coming soon!


Award-winning investigative journalist Jillian Farrell takes a long overdue vacation in the Caribbean but finds she can’t escape the notorious and dangerous real world…even on a dude ranch run by an ex-Marine who trains service dogs for veterans with PTSD. A ranch staffer turns up dead, and Jillian starts digging into what happened, dragging her into the same vortex that got the staffer killed.


     What does "revenge" have to do with "harmony"? When Heather Brenard takes on her first assistant manager job at a resort hotel in Snohomish County, Washington, she gets entangled in more than she bargained for, including a struggle between the elusive owner and his cousin, a questionable new chef, and a murder. Not to mention her old flame shows up as the deputy sheriff who tries to enlist her aid in solving the mysteries hidden in this hotel. Keep in mind that things are not always as they seem.

Think Roaring '20s, Flappers, the Charleston, Bathtub Gin, and all those Bootleggers and Revenuers!

Winnie just wants to dance and have a lot of fun...until Jude stumbles across a most dangerous murderer!

Then she swings into action!


A peek into the poetry of Margaret Evans!



My family so they know how much I love them.

My parents and loved ones no longer with me so they know how much I will always love and miss them.

My friends and strangers so they know I care and appreciate them.


Animals and pets that pass through my life because when they look me in the eye (or lick my hand, or shed on my clothes, or ignore me), I know they understand our connection.

Plants, trees and flowers to give them CO2 they need.

My son’s turtle just because.


My knees when they hurt so they know I understand how many stairs they've climbed (You can make it; we’ll go slower this time.).

My fingers so they know I understand how many things I’ve used them for (typing, writing, changing diapers, brushing my teeth, rocking a baby, tying a shoe).

My back when it hurts because it knows I remember so well all that I’ve carried, including my children (and lots of moving boxes).


My computer, thanking it for working perfectly today.

Storyline and new twist to a plot because I know it’s gonna work out super.

The fictional characters in my mystery novels because I have to...sometimes they don't cooperate and need encouragement.


Family photos I’m organizing for all the albums I must finish because, well, my memories need to be passed on (Okay, you go here and you go on that page because this is how it happened back then…).


My 24-year-old Corolla so she knows she's the best car I've ever owned and how sorry my husband is that he hit that pothole.


A whole lot more things because there is so much talking to do.


Oh, yes, AND I TALK TO GOD Who guides me through my days and sometimes just my hours, in so many infinitely subtle ways.



© 2021 Margaret Evans

Marble Surface


Print & Ebook


Who doesn't love a good GHOST STORY


Maybe 19 ghosts are a handful, but Laura dives into this mystery with her eyes wide open!


And the really crazy thing I heard in my other ear is that there are more mystery novellas starring Empress Isabella, the most mysterious feline I've ever met!

Not only that, but the Kovacs triplets are scheduled to run head-long into her antics this winter!


That poor snowman doesn't have a snowball's chance in the oven of skating when Empress Isabella is around. Coming this winter 2023, Isabella meets Charlie, then Harry, then Will for a madcap holiday mystery series. Don't miss it!

Posted 4/2/2023

Are you thinking Roaring 20s & all that jazz?

Great! Because a new Art Deco Cozy Mystery series is coming your way in 2024!

Watch this spot and the Pipeline for the

Winnie & Jude Art Deco Mysteries!

Keep thinking bathtub gin, speakeasies, and revenuers!

Originally posted April 25, 2021. Update 4/2/2023

The Harmony of Revenge - and a new cozy series coming soon!

Watch for A Shady Elm Inn Cozy Mystery -- Set in the Seattle area, it begins with The Harmony of Revenge and includes a host of new and quirky characters. Our heroine is Heather Brenard, and you can read more about her and the series (and her calico cat, Snickerdoodle) and in the Pipeline.

Exciting new cozy mystery series begins with Heather Brenard at her first real job as assistant manager at the resort called the Shady Elm Inn in Snohomish County, Washington. Two mysterious deaths at the hotel drive her to hunt down the absentee owner and to face his cousin who demands rightful ownership of the hotel. Then add her ex who shows up from the sheriff's department to ask her help in finding out who is whom in the hotel. Brenard's sleuthing soon reveals the owner's ex-wife has mounting gambling debts and he is also being pressured to sell the hotel to a group called Harmony Enterprises or else. She uncovers more than one vengeful plot when hundreds of bonsai plants are delivered to the hotel, and the building goes up in flames. Brenard helps evacuate the hotel patrons, but who will save her when she is captured, tied up, and thrown into a locked hotel room during the blaze?

Heather Brenard's name: Brenard is a variation of the old French Huguenot name Brenart. I thought it was cool, so here she is.

And from a cat's perspective, Heather and her sister Holly's calico kitten, Snickerdoodle, wants to say a few words about this cozy mystery: Meow. Merrow. Hiss. Hiss. Meow. Purr. Growl. Meow! Merrow. Meeeoooow! 

(Sorry, but I guess you'll have to read the story to find out what Snickerdoodle wants to tell you. All I can say is that this adorable orange and chocolate calico has seen a lot in her young life. She's still a kitten, rescued by the ASPCA, and snuggled her way into Heather's and Holly's (and my) hearts. Keep your eye out for some of the kitten's antics.)


Or get all three in one Kindle bundle!


The “real” Raging Ford, Minnesota, in the “Second Treasures Mysteries” and the upcoming “Laura Keene Cozy Mysteries”

Posted on October 7, 2020 by Margaret

[Note: Click on the links!]

Many have wondered and asked me about this small town called Raging Ford. Are the people there really that nice? How is that possible? And who would put marble floors and walls in a high school bathroom? What’s up with that?


Finally…(drum roll)…the answers! In a previous post, I mentioned that Raging Ford was based on my mother’s home town of Hibbing in northern Minnesota. The riches from the millions of tons of iron ore scooped from the world’s largest open-pit mine in the world (now known as the Hull-Rust-Mahoning Mine) built this town. It has an amazing history and as the demand for iron ore grew, so did the mine, and subsequently the town and how the founders built the infrastructure.


Hibbing High School was only one of the many original buildings to benefit from the iron ore riches. The halls had marbled floors, the school bathrooms were floored and walled with marble, just to begin. The school library was painted with gigantic murals of the town’s mining history wrapped around the main library lobby walls. Hibbing High was also the first high school in Minnesota with an indoor swimming pool, half the Olympic length. My tour guide a few years back (the principal, now retired) took us to the floor below the swimming pool to see the “windows” (made of thick, thick, thick–did I mention thick–glass) on both sides of the start/end of the pool so judges could “see” who touched the wall first and won the race. So very cool. But beyond that, the student auditorium looked like something from Austria or Paris! Rows and rows of red velvet seats with crystal chandeliers above them faced a spectacular stage.


Bet you didn’t know that Bob Dylan was born and raised in Hibbing. His family’s home is still there, and he played his first “concert” in the Hibbing High School auditorium!


You can see lots of views of all of these wonderful things at Hibbing High School, or Google for more views of the high school and town. If you’re more interested in the history of the town itself, just Google “Hibbing Minnesota history.”


There’s also the most amazing little “house” that was converted to a bigger structure to house all the town’s historical photographs, very similar to the one I “recreated” in fictional Raging Ford. They have everything–all the photographs going back to the beginning of the town. [One recent update here (Sept. 2022): The Hibbing Historical Society has since taken over housing all the historical storage and displays of Hibbing's original photographs.]

Then there’s the Hibbing Historical Museum. My grandmother’s wedding dress is there in the “Kohrt” section. My grandparents were among the “founding or first families” in the town. My grandfather and his two brothers owned and operated the Kohrt Brothers Meat Market, which also sold a lot of “general store” goods. While they lost the store in the 1929 crash, it was one of the original stores in Hibbing, which, like many others, had to be “moved” (dismantled and moved and rebuilt) to a different part of town when the mine had to be expanded to meet the ever-growing demands for iron ore. The move also explained why there is an Old Cemetery (where one of my uncles was buried) and a New Cemetery where all the rest of the Kohrts (and some Keenes - my grandmother's family) were buried (just like in my fictional Raging Ford).


Now for the people. I have never met nicer people than those in Minnesota. They let you into the traffic lane ahead of them if they see your turn signal. No horn honking. And in the grocery store, they stop and let you go ahead of them. Kind, giving, sharing people. My mother’s family used to use the word “nice” a lot. Now I understand why. THEY ARE NICE, not something you see too often, at least consistently, in our busy world these days. I can’t shout this out enough.


I will finish with saying that, regardless of all the riches poured into Hibbing’s infrastructure, the town remains a small town with all of the flavor of a small town, to this day. They welcome visitors, so please go visit there for a taste of something very special.



Author’s Note about upcoming nonfiction treatise – Worse Than the Princess and the Pea: Sensitive People in an Insensitive World

Posted on August 10, 2020 by Margaret; updated 6/5/2023

“The concept for this treatise was developed prior to the Coronavirus pandemic that began in 2019, decimating everyone’s lives and killing so many of our loved ones and friends. My greatest hope is our global recovery will not necessarily put everyone back in the same boat in which we struggled to live our lives prior to the pandemic. This treatise may give us all a more enlightened view for successes and balance among all the things we love to do and those that we must.”   (Margaret Evans, August 2020)

The Real Brenda Christmas

Posted on August 10, 2020 by Margaret

The story behind Brenda Christmas (Deadly Cost of Goods)


The real Brenda Christmas, the inspiration for this character, is actually Brenda Todd, a very gifted cake baker/ decorator and creator of unique and beautiful party favors (ones you want to keep forever in a curio cabinet). She throws amazing themed parties with exceptionally designed cakes and party favors. For a peek at her talents, visit her Facebook page, and guess what! She has expanded her recipes to include a lot of Maryland seafood and bakes for curbside pickup in the DelMarVa area. Send her a note and ask to see her cakes and favors as well.


A Companion For Empress Isabella?

Posted on May 19, 2019 by Margaret

I started thinking halfway through this series that the mysterious cat in Laura Keene’s shop might like to have a “friend.” You need to keep an eye out for the friend to show up in Vol. 5 of the Second Treasures Mysteries, Deadly Cost of Goods. You’ve already met the puppy named Peeks, who likes to “peek” around corners to see what’s going on before he jumps back into hiding and belongs to Will Kovacs, the baker extraordinaire. Watch what happens when Will decides to bring Peeks with him into Laura’s shop.

The Story Behind The Second Treasures Mysteries

Posted on May 18, 2019 by Margaret

The Second Treasures Mysteries and Raging Ford, Minnesota, are based on my mother’s home town of Hibbing, located on the very edge of the Mesabi Range. Hibbing boomed during the iron ore hey-days. The marble bathrooms and indoor swimming pool in the public high school, as well as the historic mural in the library, that you’ve read about in these mysteries, all exist. At one point, for safety, they had to move some stores and homes in the town (brick by brick, beam by beam) to a location farther away from the mine when they needed to blast for more iron ore. The Hull-Rust-Mahoning mine is one of the largest open-pit mines in the world and is still operational today, providing taconite which can be processed into iron pellets. The town currently sits where it was moved, but you can still see some of the front steps of homes and shops where the old town used to be. My grandfather and his two brothers jointly owned the Kohrt Brothers Meat Market, a shop that had to be moved, but it closed in the crash of 1929. The original cemetery is intact, and one of my uncles who died in infancy (Franklin Kohrt) is buried there. A lot of family love is poured into these stories, and I hope you enjoy the entire six-book series and the little touch of Minnesota in your lives.

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Six Cozy Mystery Thriller Novellas!

     Evans offers mystery fans the best in murder, mayhem, deceit, and intrigue. Her clever tales sweep the reader from the Victorian Age to the early twentieth century to contemporary times, through California, Asia, Scotland, England, Hungary, the Middle East, and the Caribbean.



"Another adorable prequel to the Laura Keene mysteries. Empress Isabella is a great character— a cat who is visible to only Laura and her fiancé. Oh, and she helps them solve crimes! Laura and Connor are supposed to get married on December 27, but is it going to happen or not? I can definitely recommend this book and series."

(Kara Marks, national reviewer)

"Laura and Connor are in the final stretch of getting married and when a group of reindeer are kidnapped, the race begins to see if the wedding is still on! I loved this Christmas cozy and the role the fabulous feline Empress Isabella plays in solving the crimes. Laura is a "down to earth" character you'll love. If you enjoy cozies with a little paranormal twist, like I do, you'll be hooked on the series! Are the reindeer found? Do Laura and Connor make it to the church on time? Cozy up and find out with this fun holiday mystery!"

(Jerri Cachero, national reviewer)



[Twice Sold Murder] is an excellent start to a fun series!  Evans is a master at misdirection and red herrings. Fantastic series, great character development!” (Kim Heniadis, national reviewer and author)

“Margaret Evans’s writing is a delight! Excitement and intrigue on every page.” [Priced to Kill] (Anne K. Edwards, national reviewer and author)

"Twice Sold Murder is a real page turner! I was hooked! You really have no choice but to be a devoted fan.” (Cozy Mystery Book Reviews)

"Deadly Cost of Goods --What an excellent book! I loved the protagonist, the mystery, and the writing. I highly recommend this series.” (Kara Marks, national reviewer)

"Twice Sold Murder - A scary tale, with a plucky protagonist. Just my kind of read." (Mary Ann Walsh, Amazon reviewer and journalist)

"[Twice Sold Murder] is a really good piece of writing."

(Paul Lappen, Amazon reviewer)

“I Could Not Put This Book Down. This was an enjoyable mystery with an ongoing theme that will be further explored in future books. Twists and turns make for one of the best mysteries that I have read in a while.”

(Amazon "Avid Mystery Reader" review)


"I love spooky, but not too scary, Halloween mysteries and this prequel to The Laura Keene Mysteries, was perfect! It has all the cozy elements I love - a relatable main character, a charming small town, a love interest that doesn't overshadow the story and, most importantly, a mysterious feline - Empress Isabella -that is one step ahead of everyone! (Jerri Cachero, national reviewer)

"A great Halloween read!"

(Cozy Mystery Book Reviews)

"This is a really cute prequel [to Laura Keene Cozy Mysteries] and definitely got me into the Halloween mood. There are even a few chills regarding the ghost of a little boy who died at Halloween long ago. I’m eager to read the next prequel." (Kara Marks, national reviewer)



"What a great holiday read...with a side of murder!"

(Cozy Mystery Book Reviews)

"The Empress Isabella novellas are fun introductions to Laura Keene, a sleuthing business owner. I love that only Laura and her boyfriend can see the magnificent feline, Isabella. That makes for humorous and fun adventures. When a sketchy circus promoter comes to town, offering his Turkey Circus as a family friendly treat for the holidays, Laura and Isabella are on the case.

I'm impatiently waiting for the third book, to see Laura and Connor take their wedding vows....unless, of course, another mystery pops up in the small village of Raging Ford!"

(Jerri Cachero, national reviewer)



​ "I loved this book [The Lethal Limit]! Incredibly well-written and such an exciting story. There is really good character develop-ment, plenty of action, and a little romance. The ending was great!" (Kara Marks, national reviewer)

A terrific read [The Lethal Limit] for anyone seeking excitement and entertainment. (Anne K. Edwards, national reviewer and author)

"The Lethal Limit by Margaret Evans kept me turning the page to see what was going to happen next. Either Evans worked for WitSec and is a twin herself, or she’s done a lot of research because the details she incorporated were excellent. I loved the very end ending, which was perfectly done. You'll want to give it a read." (Kim Heniadis, national reviewer and author)

"Readers will love the action and the excitement." (Missi's Book Reviews)


(Mini Mystery #1) 

"Tight, intriguing and well-written. A nice escape!" (Kara Marks, national reviewer)

"A great short story heist." (Kim Heniadis, national reviewer and author)

"Will capture your attention immediately!" (Cozy Mystery Book Reviews)


(Mini Mystery #2)

"You are a really good writer!" (A Minnesota reviewer)


(Mini Mystery #3)

"A nice mystery. Good job! Waiting for the next one." (S.K., a Montana Fan)


(Mini Mystery #4)

"This little book [The Curse of the Mandreill Dagger

will while away the odd half hour very nicely."

(New Mystery Reader)


(Mini Mystery #5)


"If you keep writing, I'll keep buying. I love your stories!" (A Maryland reviewer)



(Mini Mystery #6)

"The Tao of Murder is a well told tale.” (Anne K. Edwards)

The Tao of Murder contains every element a good mystery should: subtle clues sprinkled throughout and a surprise ending. A delightful read.”

(Ibbetson Street Review)

Customer Comments

(Customer Comments come from this website (feedback), Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Goodreads, book group posts, book club comments, email, and text messages.)




A great plot involving murder, arson, family feuds and attempted murder. Great characters that slip into this well paced book and leave a lasting impression."

(Amazon customer review)

"Wonderful storyteller! A mesmerizing plot!" (Amazon customer review)

"The main character, Laura Keene - we can all relate to her feelings and the author does an amazing job of pulling us into the storyline.

(Amazon customer review)

"I found it to be an enjoyable and intriguing mystery, with plenty of interesting characters, as well as plenty of clues and suspects, to keep the fire going." (Goodreads review - Ryan Hoffman, author)

"I loved Twice Sold Murder. You are such a great writer!"

(Customer comment)

"I feel like I'm right there in the story with Laura."

(Customer comment)

"Awesome Story!! I loved all the suspense!" (Amazon customer review)

"Well written. Great plot. Interesting characters that are lovable and easy to relate to. I am so happy I found this series." (Amazon customer review)



I loved reading these books. If you like real, thoughtful, well-written mysteries, this is the PERFECT relaxing read!" (Amazon customer review)

Always entertaining!!” (Goodreads customer review)

"A GREAT series to get lost in!!” (Goodreads customer review)




"I read the first three books and LOVED them!!!! Can't wait for the next book." (Customer comment)

"Not only did I enjoy the first three; I gave a set to my friend for her birthday. We're both mystery fans. We'll look forward to reading the entire series." (Customer comment)

"Each one of the books in this series just keeps getting better and better!! You will not be disappointed if you chose to read this series!!!!" (Customer review)



"What fun. I can't wait to see what happens next." (Customer comment)

"I love the suspense that this series holds! I can't wait for the next and the next!" (Goodreads customer review)

"Great read!!! I love the suspense in the mystery!! I love the characters in this town and how quirky some of them are! Isabella cracks me up!" (Customer review)


“Any news on book 6? I'm thirsty for more...Anxiously waiting!" (Customer comment)

Oh another great book in this series!! I had a hard time putting this one down. ” (Goodreads customer review)

"I've reread all the other Second Treasures books and long for the next one." (Customer comment)




"A superb series!"

(Goodreads customer review)

"I really did enjoy your book series."

(Customer comment)

"I've enjoyed reading the entire series (Second Treasures Mysteries). Now that book #6 is complete, I'll miss reading the next one but look forward to the next series, LAURA KEENE COZY MYSTERIES." (Amazon customer review)

"I so enjoyed them all."

(Customer comment)

"I encourage anyone who loves a good mystery/cozy mystery to definitely read this series!!!" 

(Amazon customer review)

"Wonderful, Wonderful Series!!

This is the last book in the series and I am so sad to see it end!! But I was so excited to find out what happened!!"

(Amazon customer review)

"Great series. I only wish there were more of them." (Online Book Group comment)

"Love your books!" (Online Book Group comment)



"Very, very good suspense mystery!!" (Amazon customer review) 

The Maya Earth Trilogy

"With a plot that never slows, The Sixth World draws the reader in from the start and never lets go." (Round Table Reviews)

Trial in Jade - "Margaret Evans has a real winner in this series. She is a remarkable writer, skilled in plotting an intricate mystery/ thriller." (

The Sixth World is a treasure trove!” (

“Read the whole trilogy—it’s that good.”

(Amazon Vine Voice)

"The Sixth World is a really good thriller story!" (Midwest Book Review)

"The Sixth World is an expertly written, flawlessly plotted mystery thriller.” (Ibbetson Street Review)

"The town [of Raging Ford] is gearing up for their holiday Reindeer Cheer Festival which is going to include real reindeer but there is a wedding planned as well!! However when some reindeer are reported as missing and some town people are missing as well, Laura cannot help but do some investigating into their disappearances. Evans sure knows how to put the words to the pages to keep you turning them."

(Cozy Mystery Book Reviews)

Marble Surface



"Fiction writers live

on several planes

of reality. The best among us can convince you it's all real, too."


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A native of the Washington, D.C., area, Margaret (Meg) Evans is a graduate of Georgetown University's McDonough School of Business.

Margaret is married with five grown children and has been writing since grade school, beginning with her first "tall tale" called "Jake Hornhog." She managed legal departments and specialized in contract writing, compliance, and contract filings, plus corporate policy, in a career that spanned health care administration, litigation offices, pharmaceuticals, and the parking industry. She claims that "legalese" just sort of jumps out at her (instead of how it puts others to sleep) and currently lives in British Columbia, Canada. 

Her poetry, cozy mysteries, and action/ thriller novels and novellas are popular in numerous countries, and her fiction and non-fiction short stories and humorous philosophical essays were published in literary magazines and journals, including Fullosia Press, Prose Toad, ken*again, Underground Window, Palabras Press, NuPenz, Ascent Aspirations, and others.

Evans has expanded her repertoire to include more treatises and philosophical essays to include such weighty topics as ethics in business, science, and social issues.

Evans has penned:

THREE "PREQUEL MINI MYSTERIES" TO THE LAURA KEENE COZY MYSTERIES: Empress Isabella and the Halloween Caper; Empress Isabella's Disastrous Thanksgiving; and Empress Isabella and a Cracklin' Christmas. The third of these mini-mysteries is the Introduction to the Laura Keene Cozy Mysteries (coming in 2023), a spin-off from the Second Treasures Mysteries - With the same characters you came to know and love, as well as the usual craziness with the mysterious feline, Empress Isabella. Available separately in Amazon or as a bundle of all three.

TWELVE COZY MYSTERY and ACTION ADVENTURE NOVELSThe Sixth World, Trial in Jade: The Mayan Return, Kingdom Come: The Mayan Answer (The Maya Earth Trilogy)Twice Sold Murder, Priced to Kill, Hanging By a Thread, A Dress To Die For, Deadly Cost of Goods, and All Sales Final (Second Treasures Mysteries)The Lethal Limit; The Harmony of Revenge (Book #1: The Shady Elm Inn Cozy Mysteries), AND Barrel of Money Murder (Book #1: Laura Keene Cozy Mysteries)! Also, six mini-mysteries ("shorts"), available in Kindle: A Canvas of Deceit; Code of Treachery, Hostages to Murder; The Curse of the Mandreill Dagger; The Secret of Kenning Hall; and The Tao of Murder (Released across summer 2021 - "Best Beach Reads"), soon to be released in one collection!


NON-FICTION TREATISES on the current, business and cultural climate, and ethics: Worse Than the Princess and the Pea: Sensitive People in an Insensitive World; and Wants, Needs and Genes. Coming in 2023, Prom Queens and Kings: An Essential Obsolescence, a treatise inspired by A Dress to Die ForSecond Treasures Mysteries).

PHILOSOPHICAL ESSAYS: "Making the Next Green Light" and "The Alphabet: Your Only Hope for a Long-lasting Relationship." PLUS, two new "poetic" philosophical essays: "I Talk To" and "Do Not Pray for Your Team to Win."

POETRY COLLECTION: Christmas Poems for my Grown-up Children, 10th ed. (Includes Each a Star, The Forgotten SnowgirlGolden Snowflakes; Three Little Kittens; Families, Wishes and Dreams, and a lot more). Plus individual poems: "Ode to Lorelei," included in Deadly Cost of Goods (Second Treasures Mysteries); and "Meetings in Dreams" and "Hurdles in Dreams," both inspired by The Harmony of Revenge, in the Shady Elm Inn Cozy Mysteries). More poetry on the way! A complete anthology of all poems is in production.

SHORT STORIES: A lot of short stories, many of which were previously published through online magazines. Now, all of them come together in one first-edition collection! Available in winter of 2023 in Kindle only. Includes "A Light Too Distant," "A Clash of Cousins," "A Passionate Pursuit," "Destiny," "Anthropological Quark," "Keeping O'Neill Alive," "Swift Hermit," "Trujillo's Choice," "The Final Six Weeks," "Twins," and many more.

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