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Other Mysteries by Margaret Evans

Cozy Mystery/Thriller Novellas


"I buy art," the charming Michael O'Halloran told Emma Bishop at her art studio in Carmel, California. But was that all he did, she wondered, when some of her precious works went missing and Michael disappeared. She travels to Budapest to find O'Halloran and see if he has stolen more than her heart, in A Canvas of Deceit.

"Exciting and easy read. Evans never disappoints and always surprises!"

(Amazon reviewer)

"A great short story heist!"

(Kim Heniadis, Natl Reviewer/Author)

"Tight, well-written and intriguing...a nice escape!"

(Kara Marks/Amazon Vine Voice)

"The story will capture your attention immediately!"

(Cozy Mystery Book Reviews)


Allyse Berringer works with top embassy aides at the U.S. Embassy in Kabul, decoding terrorist communications. But an attack on her convoy from the American base in Bagram sends her scurrying on foot through the streets of Kabul where she makes a shocking discovery that someone will kill to protect, in Code of Treachery.


Jack Damien, a S.W.A.T. team captain, thinks his job is over when he takes live grenades from the hands of hostage Beth Harrow. But her twin Macy entangles the pair in her mob connections, and they are all dragged into a vortex of evil in the romantic Caribbean Islands, in Hostages to Murder.


Little did Katherine Bennett guess that a nasty childhood prank was connected with recent attacks on her friend, Adrian Wellingsley. When the ante is upped to murder, she applies Aristotle's logic to the mystery and makes a horrible discovery that jolts everyone's lives in rural England in 1899, in The Curse of the Mandreill Dagger.


Virginian Sarah Kenning travels to Scotland to find her missing brother. No one has seen him since he went there to follow clues to their parents' murder. When Sarah meets a welcoming cousin and a wealthy sheep ranch owner, she is caught in a web of intrigue across the breathtaking backdrop of Scotland. Will she find her brother or is he lost forever, like their parents? An early twentieth century tale of treachery to delight any mystery or thriller lover, in The Secret of Kenning Hall.


Freddie Prszynski is an FBI Special Agent from Vermont who volunteers for a short diplomatic mission in the Far East. But something goes terribly wrong when a scientist dies, and Freddie ends up in a Chinese prison. Follow Prszynski as he unravels the truth with the help of his wife, a journal, and St. Jude in The Tao of Murder.

Action Thriller Novel


A secret past resurfaces when Steven Walker, U.S. Marshal and former Navy S.E.A.L., is assigned to relocate Angela Morrissey, a potential witness against a ruthless crime syndicate. The pair is dragged into a hailstorm as they try to escape the mob's wrath, but disaster strikes when Walker's past and present collide on a boat in the North Atlantic, in The Lethal Limit.

"Very, very good suspense mystery!"

(Amazon reviewer)

"Incredibly well-written and such an exciting story!"

(Kara Marks, Amazon Vine Voice)

"Either Evans worked for WitSec and is a twin herself, or she's done a lot of research because the details were excellent. I loved the very end ending which was perfectly done!"

(Kim Heniadis/Natl Reviewer/Author)

The Maya Earth Trilogy

Action/Thriller Novels


Two anthropologists explore California's Central Valley and discover hieroglyphics telling of the coming Mayan Sixth World (or age) and its changes and treasures. As the fateful time draws near, Amy Parrish and Joe Magee must stop an international plot to seize the Mayan treasures and take over the Earth, in The Sixth World

"An expertly written, flawlessly plotted mystery thriller!"

(Ibbetson Street Review)

"With a plot that never slows, The Sixth World draws the reader in from the start and never lets go!"


"The Sixth World is a treasure trove!"



Pieces of rare, polished jade from Guatemala come to Amy Parrish by mail or passed to her by strangers. She discovers the jade is the key to an ancient manuscript that foretells of two Mayan lords fighting to lead in the Sixth World...a battle that can tip the world from light into darkness and chaos, in Trial in Jade: The Mayan Return.

"This book is wonderful reading. I strongly recommend it!"

(Amazon reviewer)

"A great combination of genres with a good measure of suspense!"

(Anne K. Edwards/Natl Reviewer and Author)

"Gripping from the first page! A must read!!"

(Amazon reviewer)


A terrible accident and global greed for power in a world of change threaten to tear the throne from the Mayan people. Amy Parrish deciphers a riddle in an ancient Mayan text to help a lord from the banished tribe find the answer in Kingdom Come: The Mayan Answer.




"Reading the first two books is a good idea because this book and the whole trilogy is that good!"

(Paul Lappen/Amazon Vine Voice)

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