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About the Author

"Fiction writers live

on several planes

of reality. The best among us can convince you it's all real, too."


(©2012 Margaret Evans)

A NATIVE OF THE WASHINGTON, D.C., AREA, MARGARET (MEG) EVANS is a graduate of Georgetown University's McDonough School of Business.

     ​Margaret is married with five grown children and six grandchildren, and has been writing since grade school, beginning with her first "tall tale" called "Jake Hornhog." She managed legal departments and specialized in contract writing, compliance, and contract filings, plus corporate policy, in a career that spanned health care administration, litigation offices, pharmaceuticals, and the parking industry. She claims that "legalese" just sort of jumps out at her (instead of how it puts others to sleep) and currently lives in British Columbia, Canada. 

​     Her poetry, cozy mysteries, and action/thriller novels and novellas are popular in several countries, and her fiction and non-fiction short stories and humorous philosophical essays were published in numerous literary magazines and journals. ​Evans has expanded her repertoire to include more treatises and philosophical essays on such weighty topics as ethics in business, science, and social issues.

     When asked why she isn’t relaxing during her retirement, she replies, “What retirement? I’m still 20 in my head and I have stories to tell!”

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